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Vippi Red 3ql 20215 Lr

Vippi scooters are designed to be extremely lightweight and adaptable. They are great for everyday errands, such as spontaneous trips to the shops or visiting friends and family. Plus, they have a fashionable finish, with a range of colours and white stitching on the seat. The real strength of the Vippi is how easy it is to dismantle into five easy-to-store parts, the heaviest of which is just 15kg. For more information, contact Regency Care & Mobility today.

Vippi Red 3ql 20215 Lr


  • Class — 2/B
  • Length — 100cm/39.4″
  • Width — 49.5cm/19.5″
  • Max Carrying Capacity — 130kg/20.4stone
  • Speed — 6.4kph/4mph
  • Max Safe Kerb Height — 5cm/2″
  • Range — 19.1km/11.9miles
  • Colours — Blue Moon/Green Lightning/Red Sky

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