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Riser Recliner Chairs

Riser Recliner Chairs Crewkerne

Our selection of riser recliner chairs in our Crewkerne store, promise comfort and freedom of movement for those with reduced mobility. Whether due to ill health, age, or injury a decline in our manoeuvrability is inevitable for most of us. If this affects you now, then upgrading to a mobility armchair or sofa can significantly improve day to day living. As well as reclining to allow better quality rest, our models also rise and tilt. This helps users get back onto their feet while minimising exertion pressure and reducing pain in joints and muscles. We stock seating options from two of the sectors leading manufacturers, as well as beds, and can deliver direct to your home for total convenience. Pop in-store today, where you can try-before-you-buy and pick the brains of our knowledgeable consultants.

Cosi Chairs

Cosi Chairs are a recognised brand, renowned for their clever combination of innovative function and versatile style. We stock all the staple models, including the Ambassador, Medina, Heddon and Hamble, all of which have customisable options, such as colour and fabric, to suit your taste. They are also available as two and three-seater settees with isolated operation capabilities; ideal for meeting the needs of multiple occupants. Found one you like that we haven’t mentioned? No problem! We can also source and supply alternatives if our most popular lines don’t meet your physical needs.

Rise & Recline Armchairs

Rise & Recline Ltd are another well-reputed mobility chair provider, whose products are equally high-quality and practical for those with physical limitations. Namely, we recommend the Royal and Regal; as elegant in name as they are in design. You can select your preferred covering material and design, and choose from a variety of custom specs depending on your needs and budget. Speak to the team for more detailed information and updates on the range.

Key Benefits & Specifications

Some of the key options and benefits you can expect when purchasing one of our mobility chairs or sofas include:

Find Your Perfect Riser Recliner Chair in Crewkerne Today!

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