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Custom Made Rise Recliner Chairs

Custom Made Rise Recliner Chairs

These custom made rise recliner chairs will be the perfect addition to your home, whether you need an adjustable chair for your mobility, health or just for putting your feet up after a long day. There are a number of benefits for choosing a chair that is fitted to your body shape and weight, as we can give you improved comfort and independence.

Our Chair Styles


Features a modern, contemporary design.

Sandringham Seated


Has a supportive design that is easily adaptable.

Lateral Seated


Offers bespoke comfort and flexibility.

Royal Raised


Has traditional styling and simplistic elegance.

Hampton Raised


The T-Back has a versatile design with specialised spinal support.

T Back Reclined


Suitable for larger body type.

Bariatric Seated


Our high back chair has a beautifully crafted, classic look.



This is a tilt in space porter chair for those who need more assistance with mobility.

Clarence 1

Chair Movements

Single Motor Tilt In Space

Offers great comfort as well as good circulation and pressure relief. It elevates the ankles higher than the hips.

Single Motor Wall Hugger

This is designed for smaller spaces, it achieves the same motions as the tilt in space, but operates over its own axis and takes up less room.

Standard Dual Motor

This movement provides independent leg rest and back functions, and is suitable for those who cannot tolerate tilt in space motion.

Dual Motor Tilt In Space

Suitable for skeletal issues and if you need regular position alterations.

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