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Kymco scooter

The Agility scooter is renowned for its quality, style and performance. The latest model in particular is popular for offering a premium driving experience. With alloy wheels, low-profile tyres and 5.4″ ground clearance, it offers a smooth drive even on rough terrain. And, with an easy swivel and slide padded seat, it’s adaptable to a wide range of different situations. Finally, it has convenient storage options so you can keep your belongings safe and secure wherever you go.

Kymco scooter


  • Length — 128cm/50.4″
  • Width — 57.5cm/22.6″
  • Max Carrying Capacity — 165kg/26stone
  • Wheel Size — 30.5cm/12″
  • Total Weight — 107kg
  • Heaviest Part — 26.1kg
  • Speed — 12.8kph/8mph
  • Range — 40km/25miles
  • Battery — 50A
  • Turning Radius — 156cm
  • Max Gradient — 12°
  • Colours — Sapphire Blue/Glossy Bronze/Cherry Red/Metallic Mink/Glossy Black

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